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Dakotawitch speaks...

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3 December 1974
I'm a transplanted South Dakotan who's been thriving under the Texas sun for ten years. I just finished my PhD in Cultural Anthropology at Southern Methodist University, and in my spare time (what's that) you'll find me dancing at Pagan festivals, agitating for social change, subverting the dominant paradigm, and anything else I can think of to keep the rest of the world on its collective toes. Im especially interested in creating ritual and in exploring the spiritual potential of rock music!

In 2007, I'm participating in 50bookchallenge. I easily ready 50 in a year, but thought it's be fun to track. Follow my progress!

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a perfect circle, ac/dc, activism, advice columns, alice walker, alternative medicine, animal collective, anthropology, aromatherapy, barbara kingsolver, baseball, beer, bisexuality, books, breast cancer awareness, buffy the vampire slayer, butterflies, candle making, cats, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, concerts, cooking, coyotes, dallas cowboys, dallas stars, dancing, dar williams, delerium, discworld, dragonflies, editing, egypt, electronica, essential oils, faeries, feminism, feral cats, firefly, football, freaking the mundanes, freedom of speech, frugality, gender, get fuzzy, goddess worship, goddesses, godspeed you black emperor, govinda, hair metal, harry potter, heavy metal, history, hockey, industrial music, jackson browne, knitting, live music, livejournal, mah jong, meditation, melissa etheridge, mentoring, metallica, muse, music, napping, natural living, neil gaiman, organic food, paganism, pearls before swine, pilotdrift, politics, polyphonic spree, popular culture, portishead, pretty girls make graves, publishing, puzzle games, puzzles, queer theory, rage against the machine, reading, reiki, religion, research, revolutions, riot grrrls, risk, rituals, santa fe, sarah mclachlan, settlers of catan, sex, she wants revenge, sigur ros, simple living, snow patrol, snuggling, soap making, social change, social theory, sociology, starhawk, stevie nicks, stones, strategy games, tarot, tattoos, tea, teaching, techno, terry pratchett, the black angels, the decemberists, the flaming lips, the fray, the indigo girls, the vagina monologues, tool, travel, trip-hop, two lumps, u2, veronica mars, wicca, win blevins, wine, witchcraft, word games, writing, yoga

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